Welcome to the BK Accessories store! We know that there have been some frequent questions, so we will do our best to address those below.

  1. How do I sign up?
    Sign-up is free and easy! We recommend you use a current browser, such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. When setting up an account, be sure to use your organization’s email address. (For example, we ask our federal customers to use their @xxxx.gov email address.) You will receive an email to confirm your identity. Once you have done that, you should be all set to get started!

  2. Will the BKT Store recognize my tax-exempt status/discounts/contracts?
    Yes! The store is programmed to assign you any applicable contracts or discounts as soon as you verify your identity. For some contracts, you will see your discount right away; for other contracts, you may only see your discount upon checkout. You should be recognized as tax-exempt; if you see taxes on your order, please stop and email sales@bktechnologies.com for assistance.

  3. Do I already have an account?
    BK Technologies does not automatically assign you an account. If you don’t remember signing up, but the system says you already have an account, please email sales@bktechnologies.com for assistance.

  4. Why does my order say “awaiting payment”?
    BK Technologies will not charge your card until your order is shipped. You will see the “awaiting payment” message until your order has shipped. There is no problem with your card. If we do find a problem, we will contact you directly.

  5. When will my order ship?
    Our goal is to ship the order within 30 days. Some high-demand items are on back order. We are committed to reducing these wait times as much as possible. If you would like to check if your order contains any back ordered parts, please email sales@bktechnologies.com for assistance.

  6. How can I check my order status?
    You may use the store’s contact options, or please email sales@bktechnologies.com for assistance.

  7. Some of my items are back ordered, but I need other parts of it now. What are my options?
    We can ship some orders partial upon request with a maximum of two shipments. You would only be charged for items that ship. We would need your written permission to make this change. Please email sales@bktechnologies.com for assistance with partial orders.

  8. I have an account, but when I log in, all the products disappear. What do I do?
    This means there was some problem with your account verification. Please email sales@bktechnologies.com for assistance and we can help get your account verified.